Renee Southard – Organic Marketplace

In these unprecedented times, we find ourselves looking for ways to continue operating our businesses. It is my hope that we all share and keep vigilant with sanitizing protocols and operating procedures. We also need to be mindful of the anxiety created from everything from social distancing, job security, safety of our families. This is a time to let true leadership shine through – not only in your place of work but within your family, neighborhood and community at large. Use this time to lead by offering compassion and empathy to your employees and friends who are uncertain about their physical well-being and finances.  Ask yourself “How can I create good from this situation?” It is my hope that as a part of your self-care routine you’ll make time for whatever gives you comfort and peace and helps you serve others from a filled emotional cup- prayer, meditation, mindfulness, time with loved ones. Take care of yourselves Tribe!