The Benefits of Private Label

The days of private labels being viewed as generic and lower quality are gone. In fact, there are many successful stores that base their business models almost entirely off of private label brands. Stores like Trader Joe’s, Aldi, and your major grocery stores have really started to change the perception of private labels from being…
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SOHO Expo 2021 – Another Great Show In The Books!

SOHO Expo 2021 was a huge hit!    We had several first this year that were quite exciting. We started off the weekend with our annual golf tournament. We had the pleasure of having a special guest appear with us: Chris DiMarco, PGA pro. He put on a clinic for our golfers to help them…
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Can MineralRich Maximize Your Life?

Here at Maximum Living we are unveiling a new look, but that does not mean we are changing who we are and what we stand for. While on the outside our labels change as we get an upgrade, on the inside our products are still the same. We want to give our long-time customers assurance…
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Customer Retention Is Essential To Your Longevity

Every business needs to build loyalty among their customer base. Whether you are Amazon or a 1,200 square foot supplement shop in rural Texas, you need to figure out how to retain your customers. If you don’t keep them, they will find some other place to spend their money and you’ll have to work even…
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Why Independent Retailers Are Still A Mighty Force

As an independent retailer, it may feel like the little guys are in a losing battle. With the ever-increasing power of big box retailers and ecommerce giants, it can feel like you’re facing an uphill battle each and every day to stay relevant and competitive. But, we’re here to say that the independent retailers are…
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Syntol for Immune Health

Syntol AMD is a powerful, spore-based probiotic specifically designed to target yeast imbalances, while also providing immune and microbiome support.  Its powerful probiotic formula promotes optimal intestinal conditions for healthy bacterial growth. Syntol is categorized as a synbiotic (pre+pro) yeast cleanse for combining prebiotic, probiotic, and yeast targeting enzymes. Spore Form Probiotics Syntol’s dominant immune component is…
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