The FDA is reevaluating its regulations—and you can be a part of the process

On Monday, FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, M.D., issued a statement that, in strokes, signaled to the natural products industry that changes were in the. He spoke of “bad actors … exploit[ing] the halo” of the important and manufacturers and retailers of natural products of all kinds, which, in atmosphere we seem to be living in, can be alarming.

Clues as to the extent of this action can be found in the letters issued to a number supplement manufacturers discussing their labeling and their violation of the established by DSHEA in 1994. A number of the warnings issued directly to claims of cures and treatments when, strictly speaking under law, those products were not tested, verified, or authorized to treat or cure any disease.

Taken in context with Commissioner Gottlieb’s statements, which to both our eyes to the eyes of our colleagues at AHPA seem to be considerate to the industry large and aggressive to the aforementioned “bad actors,” it seems that the FDA to uphold the balance of DSHEA, improve the safety of all Americans, the natural products industry, and update the regulations to keep pace our faster world.

Additionally, they have invited the industry to be participants in the discussions the regulatory actions, meaning that the same responsible, retailers, and distributors that Commissioner Gottlieb described as “halos” have a role to play.

It’s been 25 years since DSHEA, and at this moment, it looks like the FDA is to reevaluate the regulations to maintain the balance struck by that law, invites the industry to take part in shaping this new direction.

We will continue to follow this development for any major changes or shifts and you informed.