2008 – Richard Passwater

Richard A. Passwater, PhD, has been a research biochemist since 1959. His first areas of research interest were in the development of pharmaceuticals, spectrophotoluminescence, and analytical chemistry. Credited with the discovery of antioxidant synergism, Dr. Richard Passwater has been researching selenium’s role in human health for 45 years. In fact, he is the reason the average health food shopper today is familiar with the terms “antioxidant,” “free radical,” and “selenium.”

Through his research in the 1960s, Dr. Passwater found that selenium was a key nutrient in reducing cancer incidence. This was later verified by several large-scale human clinical trials. Dr. Passwater and his research companion were issued a patent on the use of selenium compounds and the prevention and treatment of cancer (U. S. Patent # 6,090,414 based primarily on Dr. Passwater’s research submitted in 1969). His composition of matter patent covers the combination of selenium and vitamin C.

Dr. Passwater has authored more than 45 books and over 500 articles on nutrition and nutritional supplements. In 1975, his best-selling book, Supernutrition: Megavitamin Revolution, was credited with legitimizing megavitamin therapy and was the inspiration for Solgar’s Formula VM-75®. He writes a popular monthly interview column, “Vitamin Connection,” for Whole Foods magazine.

Dr. Passwater’s discoveries have led to worldwide recognition and accolades. He has also been twice honored by the Committee for World Health (1978 and 1980) and received the National Nutritional Foods Association’s (now NPA) President’s Award in 1999. In 2004, he was awarded the James Lind Scientific Achievement Award and the John Peter Zenger Free Press Award for writing. Having previously served as head of research and development for Solgar, Dr. Passwater rejoined Solgar Vitamin and Herb in 2006.

More information on Dr. Passwater is available at www.drpasswater.com.