Marie has been working in the natural products industry, prior to moving to North Carolina, as a business owner in a gourmet specialty foods store, restaurant bakery, and wholesaler in New York for more than seventeen years.  In her current business, Lovey’s Natural Foods and Café in Wilmington NC, Marie began managing the deli and café for the original owner. With a second ownership Marie was asked to assume the position as general manager and to date she is currently a co-owner of the Lovey’s Natural Foods and Cafe.

Lovey’s is located in a community with some of the world’s most amazing customers and brings strong support of the non-GMO movement and provides the community with the best qualityorganic and non-GMO foods, supplements, and household needs.

Marie has served on the SENPA Board of Directors for 4 years and serves on several committees to bring a strong voice for the Independent Retailer to continue to build a firm foundation for the association’s future