MARI GEIER, EXECUTIVE SECRETARY, SENPA Natural Industry Alliance Board of Directors



Mari Geier is CEO and co-owner of Nuts ‘n Berries Healthy Market in Atlanta, GA. With over 15 years’ experience in health and wellness she strives to help people find creative solutions to live their best lives. Mari entered the natural foods industry in 2015 and has brought her passion for thinking outside the box to her retail store in Atlanta, GA, giving life back to a tired community market. Motivated to see independent natural foods retailers survive in the competitive landscape, Mari and her team capitalized on the now booming CBD industry to become one of the leading CBD retailers in the southeast in just two short years. As a strong advocate for transparency and partnership in the hemp derived CBD industry, Mari works with other independent retailers to help them formulate strategies to take advantage of this emerging trend. Mari and her team will breathe new life into another community store (formerly Rainbow Grocery) in Decatur, GA in January 2020 with the hope of keeping the independent industry alive and thriving for another 40 years.