2006 – Brenda Watson

Since 1997 Brenda has dedicated herself to the natural health industry, to producing the highest quality and effective products possible and to the thousands and thousands of consumers she has personally helped get their health back on tract. Her knowledge is surpassed only by her enthusiasm and ability to engage her audience—whatever the medium.

Brenda started her journey through discovering how to heal her own health issues with natural remedies. That was the catalyst that has lead Brenda down the path to her passion to help others heal, focusing in on the digestive system. Brenda has personally traveled around the country teaching, educating and lecturing on the significant impact the digestive system has to the rest of the body. So much so that she has earned the nickname “Diva of Digestion”. Everyday consumers mention to retailers how much Brenda Watson has helped them.

Most people in the natural health industry and consumers alike know Brenda Watson as the founder of the digestive supplement based company Renew Life Formulas. Since 1997 Renew Life has grown into the #1 manufacturer of probiotic formulas amongst many of it’s other superior digestive wellness products. Those of us who know Brenda know how much influence she has had throughout this industry.

Recently, Brenda has turned her focus onto another very important matter, the health of your pets. She and her husband Stan have founded Vital Planet Pets, with a main product being probiotics for dogs and cats. With the same determination and drive that they put into Renew Life Formulas, Brenda and Stan are excited to see Vital Planet Pets quickly becoming a brand name in the natural retail market. Who knows, she may soon be known as the “Princess of Pets”.